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Electric Ireland Game Changers Celebration Event

Welcome to our online event to celebrate women and girls who are changing the game for women’s sport throughout Northern Ireland. Whether that be on a football pitch, on a running track or in the pool, we want to bring together game changing females to celebrate their achievements and inspire the next generation to reach their goals, while also tapping into the challenges that women in sport face.

International Day of the Girl Virtual Event


Welcome to #GameChangersNI

Welcome to our online event to celebrate women and girls who are changing the game for women’s sport throughout Northern Ireland. Whether that be on a football pitch, on a running track or in the pool, we want to bring together game changing females to celebrate their achievements and inspire the next generation to reach their goals, while also tapping into the challenges that women in sport face.

Join our live stream on Friday 9th October from 4-7pm - as we celebrate limitless potential ahead of International Day of the Girl.

Speaker Panel

Tony & Jen

Fitness and Nutrition Gurus

Jane McClenaghan

Nutritional Therapist

Kelley Fay

Performance Psychologist & Performance Lifestyle Advisor

Simone Magill

NI Senior Women’s Team and Everton Women’s Player

Katie Mullan

International Hockey Player / Captain of the Ireland team - 2018 Women's Hockey World Cup

Claire McLaughlin

Irish International Rugby Player and qualified Doctor

Hannah Shields

The first Northern Ireland woman to ever scale Everest

Gemma Begley

Former Tyrone ladies football captain and Project Coordinator at WGPA

Anne Smyth

Sponsorship Specialist with Electric Ireland

About - Electric Ireland Game Changers

Electric Ireland is proud to partner women’s football across Northern Ireland supporting everything from community festivals at grassroots level to the players who have come through the elite player pathways to arrive at the top of the game. We are passionate about supporting and nurturing the talent and commitment of girls and women and in doing so bring more attention to the women’s game.

Our partnership with women’s football is a game changer demonstrating our commitment to the community, inspiring the next generation of female footballers and supporting the ambitious outreach to get more women playing football and more people talking about it.

At Electric Ireland we believe in the power of sport to strengthen communities and we have a desire to be a true Game Changer in Northern Ireland, where we have been in the local market since 2001. We are committed to supporting participation and health and wellbeing in sport by championing women’s football and the important role it plays.

We believe it is just as important, if not more so, to support the women’s game through the pandemic. Our event on the 9th October is an opportunity for game changing women and girls, no matter what their level or sporting interest, to join the conversation.


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Cooking Demo from fitness and nutrition gurus Tony O'Neill and Jen Curran


Sports Nutrition Seminar & Q&A with Jane McClenaghan from Vital Nutrition


Q&A with some leading Northern Ireland Female Sports stars:

  • International Hockey player Katie Mullan
  • Northern Ireland International and Everton Women’s Team player Simone Magill
  • International Rugby player Claire McLaughlin
  • former Tyrone Ladies Football Captain Gemma Begley
  • and the first NI woman to scale Everest Hannah Shields.

Performance Psychology Session & Q&A with Kelley Faye
- Performance Psychologist whose clients include Ulster Rugby, British Para Snow Sports and Team Ireland.

Speaker Biographies

Tony & Jen

Food has been at the centre of Jen’s life since she left home at 18. Originally she worked as a journalist in health, fitness & lifestyle writing for the Sunday World newspaper and Women's Health & Fitness Australia and UK. It was through this that her passions collided and a love for creating nutritious food developed.

She moved to Australia in 2014 where she and Tony spent time working on a healthy cookie range before returning to Belfast to set up Tony & Jen's restaurant. She worked as the head chef in the restaurant, serving up healthy versions of brunch classic. All the while trying to ensure of menu was innovative and tasty and staying on top of the latest developments in the food industry and nutrition world.


Fitness & health isn't a job for Tony, it’s his life. When he was working in a gym 16 years ago personal training found him, it wasn't really a thing then.

So, he studied, and has continued to study right up to today to become the best personal trainer he can be. He wants to understand everything about human DNA… what motivates us, what fuels us and what helps us move better. He has a huge personal interest in the psychology behind why we do what we do!

The last decade he has focused more on athlete nutrition both professional & amateur, mainly within the boxing community. Alongside this he has been working with online clients both male and female on weight management. For him the best part of doing what he does is seeing the lasting change he and his clients work together to produce. Can we pls mention his qualifications

Jane McClenaghan

Nutritional Therapist Jane McClenaghan’s passion for good food started in childhood. She grew up in a family where growing, cooking and eating healthy food was part of the fabric of life. Her philosophy of health and wellbeing is one of balance – simple, effective and practical changes that can fit into anyone’s lifestyle, to rejuvenate your motivation for eating well.

Jane specialises in developing workplace health programmes for companies by running wellbeing workshops and cookery demonstrations alongside running a busy clinic.

She is author of The Vital Nutrition Cookbook and Vital Nutrition: How to eat for optimum, health, energy and happiness and has been awarded the UK CAM (Complementary & Alternative Medicine) Award for outstanding practice.

Kelley Fay

Kelley has been working in elite support for well over a decade having gained both an MSc & BSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology. Having spent 7 years at the Sport Institute Northern Ireland as a performance skills coach delivering and supporting athletes, teams and coaches in the area of psychology Kelley has gained invaluable experience and opportunities in supporting at the highest level.

Kelley has supported a wide range of athletes throughout the years in a wide variety of sport including Professional, Olympic, Paralympic, Commonwealth, World Championship, National and Regional and has been involved as a player, coach and referee herself.

Anne Smyth

Anne Smyth is a Sponsorship Specialist with Electric Ireland. Anne’s passion for sport developed as a young girl and she has carried that passion through into a successful career in communications that has largely focused on sport. Before joining Electric Ireland where she manages a diverse portfolio of sponsorships that includes the award-winning Electric Ireland Game Changers campaign*, she worked in communications roles with a wide range of sporting organisations including Ulster Rugby, Sport Institute Northern Ireland, Rugby Players Ireland and Team GB and NI at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Anne played hockey at school and continued on playing for clubs whilst at University and starting out her carer in London, pre Covid she had joined a social hockey group with aspirations for getting back ton the club game some day.

She has passed her love of sport onto her children and her daughter is a keen Shooting Star, one of the many programmes supported by Electric Ireland Game Changers.

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